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Unorthodox Nutrition have been working with athletes worldwide from local stars right the way through to UFC fighters, Premiership Footballers and World Champions to help them achieve their goals in a highly efficient mannor.


We specialise in helping combat athletes lose fat and gain muscle so that they can operate to the maximum of their potential during training and competition.


We also work with a number of recreational clients that have big events such as weddings, holidays and photos on the horizon.


If you want to look or perform at the best you ever have, please don't hesitate to drop us a line and find out what we can do for you!


Nutrition Plans

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Client Progress Pictures

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Sick of putting all your hard working into your training and not getting the results that you want? Want to have the last bit of the puzzle taken care of by someone who specializes in helping people exactly like you?


We offer the following


  • Full evaluation for every client and their unique lifestyle and issues
  • Specialized nutrition plan to support your goals and schedule
  • Proven results at international sports level.
  • Adjustments and tweaks to help you move optimally towards your goal.


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