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At Unorthodox Nutrition we dedicate ourselves to giving you the most optimal plan that will yield the greatest results in the quickest time possible. We don't use a cookie cutter plan on anybody, we assess the needs of the individual.


We've found that most people who try diets either get sick or fail at them, then presume that they can't lose weight. 


We offer an individualised approach that we have used with athletes, that is tailor made to a persons needs and life style. This starts with a full evaluation of what they are currently doing, eating, how much time they have and what time constraints they have (family, kids, work, school etc). What we then do is either come up with a meal plan or a base of foods for you to eat (or can just give you calories etc) then make weekly evaluations and tweaks to the plan so you keep losing fat as you move towards your goal.


It is this adjustment and knowing what to adjust that makes the BIG differences!

Nutrition plans start from as little as £10!

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