Here is what some of our clients have to say about us. We always appretiate any feed back we get, and it's great to help people like this!

Will Smith - BJJ British Open Gold Medalist

"Unorthodox Nutrition helped me change my diet to help with training and be top of my weight class. The difference was staggering"
Martin Ashton - BJJ British Open purple belt silver medalist

"Many thanks for you great helpand advice. I'd never have made weight without your help!"
Rosi Sexton - First UK woman to be signed by the UFC

"Mike knows his stuff, and has plenty of practical experience of working with fighters and weight class athletes. Whether you're looking to drop weight, change your body composition or add lean muscle, he's the man to speak to!"
Mattew Simmons

"I recently used Unorthodox Nutrition to add quality muscle with no fat gain in my off season! Nothing was to much trouble for Mike and I felt like he had my back all the way! Can't wait to use him at contest time!"
James Dublin

" I used Mike to get in shape for a holiday. So happy I did, I've never seen my lower abs before!!"
Jason Radcliffe - Pro MMA Fighter for Team Bloodline

"Unorthodox Nutrition is miles better than the Dolce Diet. The best nutritionist in the UK!"
Scott Hine -MMA Fighter and Wrestler for Dungeon BJJ

 I'm very happy with the diet plan and the results I achieved. While leaning up and getting my 6 pack back I was still able to go and win gold at the British Novice Wrestling Competition. I would recommend one of these plans anyone. Amazing value!
Lee Kirtley - Multi Gold winning BJJ and NO - GI fighter, Dungeon BJJ

"I have been working with Mike or should I say using Mike as my nutritional coach/advisor for over a year now, I have used his services for loosing weight for competitions, gaining weight/strength when not competing, and also once for getting in poser shape for a holiday. I can not recommend Mike highly enough as far as nutritional advice goes, he is always very fast getting back to my texts/phone calls/emails and always seems to have more than enough time and the knowledge to answer any complex or simple queries or questions that I have had, he makes all you’re nutritional/diet plans very easy to read and understand, and could help anyone from a simple weight loss diet to strength and weight gain. And I will continue to use Mikes services throughout the near future."
Sally Duncan

 "Being a vegeterian it is sometimes hard for me to get the right amount of nutrients and lose fat effectively. Mike is always their for me to pick his brains. He answers quickly, with help and suggestions on how to solve the problem. Nothing is ever to much trouble! Thanks Mike!"
Neil Bryne 

 "Having michael training me in both exercise and diet was great as he was always willing to help in anyway he could answering any questions I had he would help me out with my problems. I would highly recommend him to anyone"
Chris Kernaghan, Pro MMA Fighter.

 "When I was training for my first pro fight I needed advice on dieting. I could either do it the old fashioned way, the way I'd do it during my wrestling days and literally kill myself to make weight or do it right. I chose the right way. Hooking up with Mike via contacting him initially on the cagewarriors forum I was given a simple yet effective diet plan that was not complicated, easy to follow and allowing hiccups or food substitutions as needed to mix it up along with a list of recommended supplements. The fact that Mike and me also share the same twisted sense of humour and other traits makes him very easy to talk to , put suggestions to and never feel like your bothering him as he will go out of his way to help you out as well as constantly checking up on your progress making it feel that he is invested in your goal as well as you, in fact if he had his way I think he would be there as you stood on the scales either high fiving you and fist pumping as your weight dropped on schedule or verbally berated you , denigrate your heritage as you missed weight that week, though we are safe from this as he can't be in more than one place and has not discovered how to clone himself. All I can say is Mike is amazing at what he does and is a important part of any fight camp I undertake."
Anthony Frankland - Semi professional Mixed Martial Artist

"Mike helped me with a diet plan designed to help me move down a weight category from Middleweight to Welterweight whilst not losing strength or muscle. In total I lost 8kg of fat and went into my next bout strong and lean (first time I ever had abs). I knocked out my opponent in just 17 seconds. Thanks Mike!"
Paul Cruttenden - Semi Professional MMA Fighter 

 "Mike made it really easy to loose 8kg of fat for a recent competition. Mike made me a diet plan for me to stick to with the right amount of protein, carbs and fats to loose the weight in the 8 weeks I had to loose it. I felt the best I've ever felt! A great investment"
Mark Speechley

 "Mike put together a training and nutrition programme that worked with my crazy shifts at work that allowed me to put over 10 pounds of muscle on my body. I went from being able to do 1 dip to over 50!"

Nutrition plans start from as little as £10!

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