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At Unorthodox Nutrition we pride ourselves on recommending the very best products to clients and everyone else! With so many bad and irresponsible products on the market, we are going to help you sift through them and pick the very best ones!


All of the reviews are;


  • Impartial. We are not affiliated with any of the companies we review. If we have worked for the company on a consult bases, it will be high lighted in the review.
  • We are not paid for any reviews. Each product has been either bought by ourselves or has been sent for test by the manufactuer.


If you would like to have a product reviewed please drop us a line via the contact form on this site or E Mail 


All of the product reviews are displayed on the site, blog, instagram, twitter and facebook.


Here are the reviews. More are getting added all the time so check back soon or keep an eye on our social media.


Magnus Thick Bar Review


Tatami X Gawakoto Short sleeved Rash Guard


E Book Review - The Healthy Bodybuilder by Shelby Starnes


Simply Treats Review


Don't bring your Gi to the bar - Book review


Alpha Brain


Dr Dave's Ultra 85 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish oil


Dr Dave's Best Private reserve Protein Powder and Regenerizer


Biotest Mag-10 Protein


Maximuscle Cyclone Meal Replacement Bar


USN Protein Dessert


Biotest Finibar


Myprotein Protein Pancakes


Myprotein Protein Crispies


Roll Supreme Board Shorts for MMA and NoGi Jiujitsu


Roll Supreme Long Sleeved Rash Guard


Biotest Flameout High Strength Fish oil


Biotest Indigo 3G


MyProtein PeptoPro


Myprotein Impact Whey Protein


Myprotein ZMA


Biotest Alpha GPC


Biotest Carbolin 19


Myprotein Pre:Pare workout Fuel.


Biotest Brain Candy


MaxiNutrition Cyclone


Captains of Crush Grippers


Myprotein Protein Ready Meals


X Guard Competition Rash Guard


Scramble Coffee and Chokes Rash Guard


MyProtein Protein Soup


Scramble Spats


Myprotein Joint+


X Guard Webslinger Gi


MyProtein V System Multi Vitamins


MyProtein Natural Peanut Butter


MyProtein Protein Bites


Tatami Sub-Zero Ultra Light Gi


MyProtein Waxy Maize


MyProtein Omega 3 Fish Oil


MyProtein Whey Isolate


Saviour Tea


Scramble Irezumi T Shirt


Roll Supreme Gi - The Base


MyProtein Wrist Straps


MyProtein - Pulse Gel


Biotest - Mirconised Creatine


Biotest - Z12


Biotest - Micro - PA


Biotest - Plazma


MyProtein L Carnitine Shot


The Protein Works - Diet Whey Isolate 97


Grenade - Hydra 6 Whey protein Isolate


MyProtein - FlavDrops flavouring system


MyProtein Focus and Energy Capsules


Scramble Peace Through Superior Submissions Sweater


The Top Supplements for CrossFit eBook


MyProtein Kar-bolyn


MyProtein My Bar Zero


MyProtein 5HTP+


MyProtein Psyllium Husks


Walden farms Calorie Free peanut Butter


MyProtein Carb Blocker (White Kidney Bean Extract)


MyProtein Thermopure (Fat Burner)


BadBoy Ultimate Whey

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